Year 5’s Sustainable Greenhouse

Over the past two terms at KWS Year 5 have been building a sustainable greenhouse from plastic bottles they collected in the community. The design of the greenhouse was decided following a class project to create their own models using craft materials. In total the students collected over 1500 bottles that all needed to be cut to length so they could fit along the dowel that would make up the walls of the greenhouse. The students decided not to have bottles on the roof, as was first thought, as they would like to have a guttering system to collect water for ‘vege central’ next door.

Two teams of builders, one from each class, worked with Mr Dyet from the maintenance team to coordinate the design and construction of the framework. It was then the responsibility of both classes to paint the structure in neutral tones to match the surrounding trees. A weather station will shortly be installed so that the students can measure the efficiency of greenhouse in maintaining a thermal mass.

Well done Year 5 on a successful project that will benefit the Prep School for years to come!

1 thought on “Year 5’s Sustainable Greenhouse

  1. Peter and Eileen Bird November 15, 2017 — 3:50 am

    Well done kids, it looks really well designed and robust enough to last for many


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