Spanner and Spade spectacular

Tuesday 10th October was a busy and buzzing day at the girls boarding site of Kinross Wolaroi School, with many families travelling far and wide to give a helping hand to the PLC Community. A boundary fence required construction, veggie boxes needed soil and planting as well as two large chock sheds building. Each student and parent knew their roles and knew it would need all hands-on deck for these to be accomplished in the 4-hour time period!

With Mr Spora finally finding his reading glasses, he, Mr Prince and Mr Clarke began assembling the chook run, with the help of the Callahan children of course!
 Mr Kennett, both Mr Hamilton’s, Jetta Kennett and Will Waddell endured the ‘hot’ Orange day putting up the boundary fence with an impressive time that could challenge the record books. Mrs Hamilton, Mr (Andrew) Hamilton Mrs Kennett, Mr Callaghan, Mr Zinga, Mr Gilbert, the PLC boarders and Mr Riley put brute force into the shovelling of the soil for the veggie boxes and it was done in no time.
 With a quick sausage sizzle break thanks to Miss Mosh, everyone was back to work and the plants and seedlings were sewn. Thanks to the Year 10 girls, the plants were manured and watered. 
6pm arrived and all the jobs had been done and completed with great precision. This could not have happened without the help and generosity of the PLC families.

Mr Jason Sargent (Mrs Haydon’s brother) very kindly offered to finish the fencing job free of charge.

Thank you to the volunteers for their helping hand in starting a new eco-friendly and hopefully well used agriculture plot on the girls site. We will enjoy our scrambled eggs every morning!

Emer Spora

With thanks to:

Claire, Sam, Claudia and Sophie Hamilton

John and Ellie Hamilton

Fiona, Andrew, Zara and Abbey Hamilton

Michelle, Andrew, Jetta and Jack Kennett

Col Gilbert

Dom, Lorna and Emer Spora

Jo and Andrew Parry

Di Chappel

Liam, Kate, Isla, Harry and Patrick Callaghan

Marcus Clark

Sarah and Will Waddell

Nathan Zinga

Georgie Luelf

Karen Alston

Jody Haydon

Tom Riley

Tina Moshkanbaryans

Ian, Will and Isaac Prince

Addy and Angus Smith

Pip, Norm and Maggie Smith

Please let us know if we have forgotten anyone. It was very difficult getting the final names on the day!

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