KWS Market Garden

On Saturday, 28th October, the TREE extra-curricular students planted their garden beds. After discussing initial ideas, we were fortunate enough to have Mr Greg Kocanda come and talk to the students about what we could grow, timeframes, succession planting and advantages and disadvantages of planting various vegetables. It is wonderful to have such a wealth of knowledge within our parent body and we are grateful for the time that Mr Kocanda was able to spend with us.

After considering our new information, the planning and spacing of garden beds began, with the actual planting session last Saturday. The students showed a great enthusiasm for their garden; planting, watering and placing mulch on their beds until all 30 were complete. The produce ranges across over 20 types of vegetables, fruit and herbs and are a mixture of seeds and seedlings. We are looking forward to monitoring the development of our beds and the creation of our farmers’ market presence next year. The students are busily designing their brand and will shortly sell some of their pork products to the KWS community.

Mrs Haydon and Mrs Bilton


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