Blast off

The Regional Engagement Enterprise was officially launched by Mr Scott Hansen, Director General of the Department of Primary Industries, on Friday 17th Nov 2017. The Derek Pigot Auditorium was set up as an exhibition of all of the pilot projects to date, with the centre piece the showcasing of our 5 interns.

The TREE Team (our farmers market co-curricular students) did a fantastic job in providing sample produce for our 180 guests. This included homemade sausages and Christmas ham, a homemade frittata using their bacon and some devilled eggs fresh from the chook sheds at Wolaroi and PLC. In addition, the students helped make the goodie bags by screen printing the TREE logo and in producing a fantastic tomato chutney. All of their efforts were very well received and through meat sales they made over $500. They plan to sell the remaining produce at school during their ‘pork on your fork’ event in Week 7. The two remaining Christmas hams have been donated, one as a raffle to KWS staff and the other to Foodcare in Orange. The students will be providing a Christmas morning tea on 5th December.

It was fantastic to be able to acknowledge the foundation with a section on the history of agriculture at KWS and Chair of the Council, Christine McIntosh, also paid homage to their contribution. Without them TREE wouldn’t have had the firm foundations from which to grow.

We look forward to many more exciting developments in 2018.


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