Experimenting with Year 7

Our new Year 7 cohort has been exploring how protein concentration effects the grow rates of chickens as part of their Science unit on experimental design.

The students have been feeding 18 chickens, split into 3 groups of 6, different concentrations of protein crumble to see how it affects the speed at which they grow. They’ve had to put all of the chickens (leghorns) into a bucket to take the average weight in order to calculate the average weight gain per week.

In doing so they’ve been able to explore the scientific method; specifically the independent, dependent and controlled variables. Below lists the results to date which have been really pleasing. The students will tabulate these themselves before graphing and discussing them in their final scientific report. Hopefully they’ll be able to advise the school community on the best crumble to feed young chooks!

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 5.56.38 pm


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