Land Management in Blayney

As part of Year 10 Geography, 70 students headed out to the school’s Leurella property in Blayney for 2 days/1 night to explore Environmental Change and Land Management.

The students were involved in an afternoon of soil workshops on arrival, led by David McKenzie from Soil Management and David Mitchell from the Department of Primary Industries. An area of the farm experiencing signification gully erosion was chosen as geography HQ, with the students assessing the soil profile, water holding capacity, salinity, pH and stability. They then had to devise a plan (which will act as stage one in a longitudinal approach to stabilising the gully in Geography over the coming years) to slow the pace of erosion based on what they had learnt from our external collaborators.

On Day 2 the students, in collaboration with Local Land Services, planted 200 native trees in the area to help stabilise the gully. Additionally, they strategically staked hay bales to divert the path of water. Finally they fenced off the area (with the farm manager) to prevent livestock movement. All in all, a busy and action packed few days (albeit with a few showers!)

The second half of the cohort will be heading out in August to begin phase 2! Watch this space.

Below is a link to the booklet the students worked through:

Geography and TREE Excursion to Leurella

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