Earlier in the term, the class of Year 9 History elective had the amazing opportunity to go on an excursion around the Orange shire. We looked at many fascinating historical sights and artefacts.

The trip started with a look at Wolaroi mansion, now a boarding house (Tower House). We then ventured on to the orange regional library where we found the local history room and had a look at all the different artefacts, records and sources of ‘old’ Orange. From there we had a brief morning tea at Byng street cafe (in doing so learning about its heritage as a local store) and then walked down a few blocks to get to the historical ‘Meana’ house, which James Dalton built for his eldest son.

We then went down to Cook Park and had lunch for an hour. We looked at the layout of the park and the fountain which was donated by James Dalton. From there we ventured onto the the main attraction; Duntry League. As we walked into the grand mansion we were greeted by an enormous staircase with a red carpet lining it. A giant stain glass window donated by the pope addressed us halfway up, with light flooding through it. Many rooms, dining halls and ball rooms could be seen in this spectacular house, including James Dalton’s favourite room, the prayer room. We took some photographs and had a brisk walk around the garden before jumping on a bus back to Kinross.

The history field trip was a great experience for all of the history elective students. It was incredible to explore the history of James Dalton and Orange in order to uncover the past of the town we thought we knew so well. I have learnt so much from this opportunity and can’t wait for future excursions and field trips in History elective 2018!

Ella Andrews – Year 9


Additionally; since Ella wrote this article the students have been visited by Robert Bruce, local historian and member of the Dalton family. He gave a fascinating lecture on the history of the Daltons, which included never before seen photographs of James’ sister. They will soon visit another famous Dalton mansion, Kangaroobie, before visiting the Dalton grave in the cemetery. The hisTREE project will culminate in the students curating a museum display examining the specific economic, political and social impacts of the Dalton family on Orange.

Well done to Mr Bruce Paine, the History faculty and our Year 9 History elective students on this fabulous community orientated project.

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