The TREE Team

Since their triumphant sale of pig products in Term 4, The TREE Team co-curricular students have been working on their next venture in preparation for the February and March Orange Farmers Markets. The students came up with a the concept, ‘Dinner in A Bag’, for which they have made fresh pasta (from our eggs) together with a variety of sauces and pickles with the veggies they planted late last year.

They piloted their bags (screen printed by themselves) at the markets in February, making in excess of $500 which they have reinvested into their March outing. Having had a chance to reflect on their initial products and having replanted/assessed their current crop of veggies, they have decided on the following:

Pumpkin and sage ravioli

Garlic and chilli Farfelle

Herb butter

Basil pesto (a winner at the first market outing)

Fresh salad (replanted in February)

This, together with existing sauces (tomato sauce, green tomato chutney and zucchini pickle) and additional produce (eggplants, zucchinis, spring onions, ‘tussy mussys’ and capsicums) will be offered in a bag for the easy answer to a midweek dinner. A bargain at $20! We very much hope to see you there on Sunday 25th.

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