Amazing Farm Race

Year 8 Mathematics classes have spent two weeks this term participating in the ‘Amazing Farm Race’. Like the game show, the students receive an envelope each day with a series of mathematical challenges based on the information they gleaned from a visit to the school’s newest farm (Windermere) and from analysing an aerial map on avenza maps. The students had to calculate rates, ratios, areas, perimeters and volumes before presenting to their peers on how best to stock the farm.

Additionally, our Year 8 5.3 Mathematics have worked with local surveyors Matt Forsyth and Pete Willis to understand how theodolites and GPS trackers work. They compared measurements taken with these devices to ones collected first hand and those derived from analysing Avenza maps.

The winning teams expertly argued for water troughs, diversified income streams (fruit and vegetables for the boarders) and reasoned stocking rates (of merino sheep and angus cattle).


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