Water Water Everywhere?

This year, Year 5 have continued the excellent work of their preceding cohort as they work towards building an irrigation, filtration and purification system for our sustainable plastic bottle greenhouse. The subject has been incredibly topical with the drought affecting numerous members of our school community.

The students began their investigation into water with a visit to Orange’s various water management sites. They visited Suma Park Dam, the water treatment plant and Ploughmans Lane Wetlands to learn about the Orange water catchment system and how the water in our taps is first treated. Back at school the students learned about the water cycle, including a demonstration up in the senior school laboratories, before designing their own models to capture water from a building.

Olivia Searle built a fully functioning filtration plant for her submission!

In Term 3 the students have experimented with filtration, building column filters and in doing so investigating the best materials to filter unclean water. This tied in with their earlier investigative homework task in which they had to research diseases that emanate from unclean water sources.

Later in Term 4 the students will spend an entire day creating a guttering system to catch the water on the greenhouse, a storage tank to hold the water, a column filter and a solar purifier to clean the water, and an irrigation system to use the water on the seedlings within.

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