MysTREE Box Challenge

On Monday 5th November, Kinross held the inaugural MysTREE Box Challenge cooking competition for Orange High Schools. James Sheahan Catholic High School and the Orange Christian School entered teams together with four from KWS. All of these students are either taking hospitality as a Stage 6 subject or Food Technology in Stage 5.

The students had to design a 3-course meal from mystery local ingredients. These ingredients were kindly donated by Farmgate Butchery, Biteriot, MSM Milling, Manildra Group Flour Mill, Carbeen Pasture Raised Organic Eggs, Trunkey Creek Bacon and Abilene Olive Grove. The morning began with a research session before the students had 3-hours to cook their meals for guest judges Michael Manners, Kate Bracks and Alison Karbowiak.

Every school and team produced some outstanding meals, especially given that there were no ovens in the Derek Pigot Auditorium! The winning team of James Wright, Jemma O’Neill and Flo Conway was from Kinross Wolaroi! An outstanding achievement and a brilliant day that we hope to replicate as an annual event.


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