Oink Oink

Our co-curricular enterprise team having been busy selling the produce they created with local smallgoods maker Stefan Birmili.

The students sold over 250 of their homemade sausages at the Prep School Open Day, have finished curing, smoking and slicing their own bacon, and have recently taken delivery of their 10 Christmas hams. They are reinvesting these funds into their early 2019 venture – stay tuned!

The bacon was used for a bacon and egg breakkie roll morning for the teachers whilst the ham fed the masses at our Celebration of Learning evening and our 5pm takeaway car-park-quiches. Additionally, the students marked their products at the Australian National Field Days.

The students also donated one ham to a KWS staff member raffle (Ms Heidi Anthony was the lucky winner) and another to their yearly charity Christmas party at Foodcare in Glenroi.

All of these events were made simpler by the ordering website the students created. This will hopefully be launched to the wider community in early 2019.


IMG_3167.jpgIMG_3168.jpgIMG_3170.jpgIMG_1372 2.JPG

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