Orange 2050

As part of the Regional Engagement Enterprise, (TREE), at the end of last year, our Year 8 Students embarked on a 4 day cross-curricular and soft-skill-building learning opportunity – Orange 2050.

Working in their Tutor Groups, the students were  tasked with presenting a Showcase of their vision for what Orange will look like in 2050.

Questions for consideration included:

  • What will it be known for?
  • What will it look like in terms of population, business, leisure, recreation, residential?
  • Will it still be a tourist destination?

Of course, in order to really envisage what it might look like in 30 years’ time, our students had to research where we have come over the last 30 years. In particular, what had changed in and about Orange since 1988. The students had to engage in developing a range of really important skills – soft skills that will be very important in setting themselves up for their next 30 years!

They had to work as a team and delegate responsibilities according to individuals’ and groups’ skill-sets; they needed to engage in some critical and creative thinking in both the nature of their research and the way in which they decide to present their ideas; and they needed to organise their time and work their way through tasks sequentially and efficiently.

Tasks included (to name a few):

  • statistic projections
  • a timeline of the changes to date
  • a brochure advertising the region
  • a jingle, brand and advertisement for Orange
  • a scientific model demonstrating possible ways to improve water shortages

It was a real challenge for them, and their success relied on their perseverance and persistence – their ‘grit’ as a Tutor Group. What they produced was simply exceptional and too hard to capture on a blog.

Blackman House were the deserved winners, selected by Dr Parry and Mrs West, earning themselves a pizza party at the start of 2019!


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