Echoes of Ophir

Our 2019 HisTREE project began last term with the students this year exploring the significance of Ophir in developing Orange as a thriving regional city. As part of their immersive journey the students first explored East Orange on a walking tour, observing the heritage features of the area and learning about current conservation efforts.

Following this, our ‘Echoes of Ophir’ elective HisTREE project continued with a visit to the Ophir reserve. Mr Paine took the students on an immersive walk through the reserve; exploring the tunnels, remaining artefacts and ruins to give the students a flavour of what life must have been like. This better painted the picture as to why Ophir was not suitable for a developing a regional town the size of Orange.

The final instalment of our “Echoes of Ophir” unit was a visit to the local history room at the Orange Regional Library and a talk from local historian John Glastonbury on the importance of Ophir to Orange. Whilst the majority of students were at the library, a small of group and their teacher (Mr Paine) visited ‘Ophir Bill’ Schmich at his home to observe his fantastic Ophir memorabilia collection and to hear his perspective on its history.

The students will now collectively create a book (titled ‘Echoes of Ophir’) that explores the social, economic and political reasons as to why Ophir helped to build the regional city in which we live today.



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