The TREE Team

This year an enthusiastic group of students formed the TREE co-curricular team. The aim of the program is to assist students in developing their practical skills and entrepreneurial acumen via the utilization of fresh seasonal produce, grown in our school vegetable gardens and livestock, specifically bred, from the school farm.

Students participated in a number of workshops including learning how to make gourmet sausages, food styling photography, labelling requirements and online marketing. They enjoyed trialing a number of recipes before deciding on the most suitable menu items that they would make and market to the school community prior to venturing into the wider Orange community. Favourably received were their delicious breaky egg and bacon rolls, thick cut ham rolls with caramelized onion and beetroot relish, gourmet sausage sandwiches, and spinach quiche.

The highlight of the season for the students was the opportunity to have a stall at the night markets where the German potato salad and Moroccan lamb and couscous sold well. Some customers wanted to know which restaurant the students were from!

KWS Day was also a wonderful business opportunity where menu planning, portioning, labelling, upselling, team-work and customer relations were some of the many skills that were acquired.

These energetic and hard-working students are now ready to embrace bigger and better challenges next season.



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