From Forrest to Kitchen!

Year 9 Industrial Technology timber students had the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the modern timber industry on Friday 31st May. 50 students embarked on a day trip that included the timber process from the forest to manufactured boards made in enormous factory lines, original truss and frames from the 1800s and contemporary truss and frame construction for houses in our local area. The students came away with a new understanding of how timber is used in our modern world.


BORG, Oberon

Borg Manufacturing is a leading Australian manufacturer of melamine panels and components for all joinery applications. From the Oberon plant they supply around half of the boards used Australia wide. Students were given a comprehensive tour of the manufacturing plant for MDF and particle board. The scale of production, the safety aspects and the types of jobs available in the industry were awe inspiring. Looking at the automation of so much of the factory process was an insight into the future. The verticle integration of their technologies and the use of sustainable sources of timber was a feature keenly highlighted by the staff.


Tremain’s Mill, Bathurst

In Bathurst we were lucky to have a tour of the renovation of the Tremain’s Flour Mills on Kepple St. The combination of the buildings, the machinery and the historical archive make the mills and buildings a unique part of the oldest inland European settlement in Australia; Bathurst. The original truss and frame in the building were brought over as ballast in ships from England that returned filled with wool and grains.


Westruss, Orange

Westruss in Orange gave the students a tour of their factory floor and office operations. WE saw CAD house designs that feed into the factory computers giving the manufacturer and machines instructions. The use of labourers, computers and machines to create prefabricated timber wall frames, roof trusses and floors for residential and commercial projects was exciting and interesting.


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